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MicroCosm® Software System


MicroCosm® POD is a high precision orbit and geodetic parameter determination software system. Using partitioned Bayesian least squares and Cowell's method of numerical integration, MicroCosm® POD performs solutions of satellite orbit and geodetic parameters without compromises in physical modeling.

MicroCosm® POD is available for use on Intel64® RHEL® 6.2 and SLED® 11 Linux® computers, Apple Mac® OS X® computers and IA32® & Intel64® Windows® PC's. Documentation consists of four volumes with an additional three part volume for MicroCosm® POD Limited Source Code licensees.

The physical models used include: atmospheric drag, solar radiation pressure, Earth gravitation, polar motion, Earth rotation, solid Earth tides, ocean tides, tectonic plate motion, ocean loading, third body gravitation, Earth precession & nutation, tropospheric refraction, transmitter & receiver clock variations and instrumentation biases & ambiguities.

Measurements modeled include: laser range (SLR), GLRS laser range, radar range, TDRS range, GNSS pseudorange and carrier phase (including single, double and triple differences), radar range rates, TDRS range rate, TRANET / GEOCEIVER Dopplers, DORIS Doppler, radar altimeter range, topocentric right ascension / declination, direction cosines, X / Y angles and azimuth / elevation angles.

MicroCosm® POD has been designed to permit the inclusion in a single data arc of over 100 satellites. With this capability, orbits for an entire constellation of GNSS spacecraft and multiple "user" spacecraft may be simultaneously determined by MicroCosm® POD. The partitioned parameter estimation algorithms employed, permit the solution of global parameters based upon the combination of data from multiple arcs, each with its own set of satellite specific arc parameters.

To learn more about MicroCosm® POD please contact:

Space Geodesy Analysis Centre, Pty, Ltd.
PO Box 791
Gungahlin 2912, ACT
Tel: 61 (0) 2 6253 9124 Australia
Tel: 1 (303) 219 3223 U.S.A.

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